Merchandising & On-shelf Availability Solutions

Our MerchandEYE’s solution is true innovation for Loss Prevention, Security and Retail Inventory control. We are focussed on increasing sales and providing intelligence to support On Shelf Availability priorities to serve your customers. Our range of smart Merchandising based solutions absolutely achieve this, along with providing added product protection. Where else can you have a shelf alert you for a product being moved or even more smartly, tell you how many of each SKU are on the shelf!
Providing the right stock in the right at the right place is always a retailers top challenge to meet customer demands and inventory control is at the heart of on shelf availability and just in time inventory supply chain. One of the biggest risks to on shelf availability (OSA) so your products are in the is theft, mis scanning and merchandising operations, which all affect sales and profitability. Our solution provides support and data to reduce challenges on all fronts, providing live alerts for customer product interactions and live counts of what is on display.
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Value proposition & Benefits

MerchandEYE’s have the following devices available and in combination with our CCTV software, we currently provide a Video First opportunity, all remote for the following: –
Whether in use on Beers, Wines, Spirits, Chocolates, Meat, Fish and Poultry – You will find our solution the best in product loss protection and on shelf availability.

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