Data Mining and Risk Management Solutions

Our Transpeye solution provide sight and insight to analyse and make informed decisions for risks within your business around EPOS and Building Security. Whether you want to be alerted for remote analysis of certain Refunds, Discounts, Voids or EAS, Intruder or other security-based device let our solution alert you to the 1% of malicious activity as it happens, in real time.

Our Transpeye software currently monitors thousands of stores, operators and cameras along with millions of transactions. An all in one system to protect against malicious and non-malicious losses.

Abuse by customer and staff is an ever increasing challenge and our bespoke solutions analyses millions of pieces of EPOS data and Security devices aligned to bespoke alerts so you can be aware and review any risk of interest remotely, all via the cloud.

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Value proposition & Benefits

Transpeye was originally developed to monitor transactions of risk at the checkout, i.e. EPOS. Our software alerts you as it happens to Refunds, Voids, Discounts, Paid Outs, Age Restricted sales etc to monitor and ensure compliance. The software provides:-
In combination with our CCTV software, we currently provide a Video First opportunity, all remote for the following: –
Put simply, we are an active management system where you can define your business risk management needs to protect against Loss and Risks of all types.

Our expertise in combining software and hardware is truly unique. We are the first to provide sight and insight to all things risk management by combining all types of EPOS systems, Security devices and Data to ensure your investments are maximised and assets protected.

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