PALS-Services are Total Retail Loss Specialists providing integrated profit protection solutions through People, Hardware and Software.

We offer a 21st Century approach, maximising the latest technologies, providing market leading innovative solutions to optimise profit.

We identify malicious and non-malicious losses, through industry leading expertise on product loss, value variance, process loss and cash, increasing knowledge of known loss whilst reducing unknown loss.

Utilising business intelligence and all data available, we analyse, monitor and evaluate to influence corporate performance management for key decision makers in multi channel environments.

Our “Executive Business Intelligence Suite” provides remote insight and monitoring, optimising efficiencies and compliance through visual "Business Intelligence Television" (BITV).

Profit and Loss Support - "Your Profit is Our Priority"


How can we help?

Our PALS subject matter experts are highly regarded within the Loss Prevention, Security, Efficiency and Multi Channel industries.

"Providing A-List  Support",  we consult on Loss Prevention, E-Crime Risk & Fraud, Epos, Integrated Security and Retail Efficiencies.

Our mission is to Protect, Provide, and Promote innovative solutions to multiple business sectors, opening a world of security based technology for future efficiencies, improving profit and loss.

PALS-Services - "Use OUR time to optimise YOUR profit"

Why choose us?

Our people take pride in being advanced and up to date with the latest equipment and software available. We are passionate and associate with each client leading the way to support your objectives. We have a mindset, dedication and commitment that exceeds your expectation.

Our team is up to date and fresh, bringing new thoughts and ideas to industries that many feel are antiquated.

PALS-Services - "Try our unique approach"

What services do we provide?


Official Distributor for Ondis, providing
intelligent merchandising and displays solutions.