Our Loss Prevention and Risk Management subject matter experts are here to protect and advise your business on all things negative. Opportunities for crime are increasing and becoming ever more necessary for those intent by need or desire on damaging your business, brand and profitability.

Whether it be Stockloss (malicious or not!!), Investigations, Interview (or Interrogation!!), Our pro-active Asset Protection Solutions for People, Property and Profits are designed bespoke for your needs.

Your Profit is Our Priority!

The Global Retail Theft Barometer Study finds Shrink costs retailers $128 Billion Worldwide, Averaging 1.29% of Sales.The cost of retail crime is up on recent years and is primarily attributed to an increase in retail product loss, by employee and “non-paying customers”. Internal theft is deemed to be a higher value than that of non-paying customers based on opportunity, need and desire.

There is a need for all businesses to understand their own Loss and increase knowledge of unknown losses into known losses so limited budgets and people can focus priorities on a resource to risk basis.


Our knowledge of the “Typology of Loss” will help any business identify the cause of profit drain. We focus on losses in areas of Product, Value and Process to ensure the “buckets of loss” and risks are identified and visible. Cashloss is included in this process and we aim to reduce your unknown losses by 50% to ensure resource is focussed on solving known losses.

The latest trends, technology and innovative solutions go hand in hand in the PALS team to ensure your risks are mitigated to acceptable levels of loss to ensure a sustainable profitable future, not reliant on sales income alone.

PALS Loss Prevention & Risk Solutions:

  • Expertise in Typology of Loss – Total Loss

  • Up to date with the latest trends, technology and innovations

  • Facility management services for all your security hardware, software and service needs.

  • See our comprehensive list of services below

Review, support and advise on your losses, whether Product, Process or Value based, helping clients increase knowledges of known losses to allow a resource to risk strategy to reduce these and maximise profitability.
Our investigation services are available 24/7/365. We will help identify and confirm any concerns identified with all the evidence required to allow a full solution from end to end.
Highly skilled non-confrontational interview techniques allowing us to get to the truth for you. Evidence or not, suspicions are often enough for us to discover, confirm or remove any doubts you may have regarding employee integrity. You’ll be amazed of what we uncover through discussion, via our advanced WZ investigator team
We provide a one stop solution for you by supplying and managing service providers in many functions, including CCTV, EAS, RFID, Retail Analytics, Access Control, Alarm, Manned Guarding/Detectives, Remote Monitoring stations and more.
Specialists in Retail and Commercial security. Our design team will project manage your needs from pre-legal to live dates.
Operational reviews are essential to protect your business. This can be a full strategic review of departmental plans and structures or onsite local reviews to measure daily effectiveness. What we guarantee is that your operation will be assessed, tested and advised upon to deliver recommendations to bring you up to speed with where you really are at.
Our PALS team can offer one off or routine Loss Prevention, Risk or Health and Safety audits for you to receive an honest review of actual performance. Auditing can be completed locally onsite or remotely via our offsite monitoring station. Great due diligence is shown by your business when outsourcing such activities, as well as keeping everyone focussed on delivering the main thing.
Project management is an essential role within PALS. We work with and for you to ensure projects, however big or small can be delivered on time to budget. Use our time and expertise!
Our skilled data team will analyse and interrogate your existing data to identify and deal with any potential risks. We will also be able to provide more data to ensure we have a 360 degree view to provide the solutions you desire. Specialists in data analysis via many platforms and also builders and advisors on which platforms work best for you and your business.
Our remote motoring station provides everything you need to Manage Alarms, Lone worker, Intruder and all your Building Management Systems.


  • A one stop shop for all things Loss Prevention

  • Offering advisory services to help protect your business

  • Use our time and knowledge to help your business

  • Always upto date on the latest trends

  • See the expansive list of additional expertise areas below

See our Epos and Mpos page for all your solutions for front end risks, including Cashier fraud, Refund, Void, Payments and Cash Typology of Loss plus more.
See our Executive Business Intelligence Suite page to be amazed by the latest technological solution for not only security, but Analytics, Behaviours etc, We pride ourselves in being on-trend with the latest knowledge, using the latest technology and equipment to provide our solutions.
See our E-Crime and Fraud Solutions page for all your solutions for Online risks, including Fraud Risks, Payments, E-Loss plus more.
See our Integrated Security Management page for all your solutions for Remote monitoring centres, ARC, Lone Worker, Video Integration, Manned Guarding, CCTV, Face Recognition plus more.
Yes, the time is now here for us to be able to supply a virtual executive. Improve efficiencies by allowing our remote monitoring station to give you video footage and imagery, live or retrospectively through our reporting tool on the key subjects for your business. Included services are, Customer Service, Availability monitoring, Housekeeping standards plus more. Save your team driving around aimlessly at huge expenses and get what you need from the comfort of our or your office.
We are your dream marketing team, providing facts! Let us show you exactly what your customers do in your stores, where they go, how long they stay for and how long they queue for. Provide data on dwell times, assessing fully how your space is performing for you to the metre and Sq foot. Prepare to be amazed!

Our subject experts are on hand to support your business in all things Loss Prevention and Risk.

If your business needs any support or solutions advice please contact one of our experts today