We work with technology to provide the very latest innovative solutions for your business needs and desires.

We will blow your minds with what we can now do on a local or remote level across the world. It’s just as easy for us to see and provide information for you in London as it is in New York or Sydney using the latest tech spec, so is perfect if you have a small business, so we can provide our thoughts in how to find the best management for your business. Returns on investment are significant, particularly when we have our piece set up already for you to use!

Whether we provide you with our Virtual Executive live tours of your stores or install the latest in Retail Analytics, IP CCTV or RFID we guarantee a return on your investments.

This is PALS: Providing a Logical Solution!

A number of technology trends over the past five years have dramatically altered the business landscape. Today, every high street is digital, every building is digital and every customer is a digital customer, with rapidly rising expectations about the quality and ubiquity of a seamless shopping experience across their digital and in-store activities. They are becoming increasingly savvy at taking more control of their shopping experiences.At the same time, technologies surrounding new forms of data and analytics are driving better operations and raising the level of understanding of customer behaviours.

Tomorrow’s high-performing businesses will use technology to strengthen their relationships with employees and customers to leverage their data, optimise and secure their critical systems, and enable their workforces with leading tools.

Now, transport this into the Loss Prevention world. We are using technologies and thought processes to be at the forefront of any business. We at PALS have all the solutions for every business for the future utilising existing technologies but working smarter not harder.

PALS Technology and Innovation Solutions:

  • Working with manufacturers to design the very latest tech spec

  • Offering consultancy and advisory services to all stakeholders

  • Use our time and knowledge to help your business efficiencies and next tech steps

We can now provide live tours of your business, reducing the need for executive visits on the road at huge costs. Assess customer service, Availability, Housekeeping or standards, all at the touch of a button.You can now be everywhere at once!
Real time or retrospective analysis of your customer shopping habits. You can actually see and explore factual events to provide insight to space layout and design. This is business intelligence at it’s best, allowing Loss Prevention to become the ultimate Marketing executive.
Our PALS Facilities Management team are always working with many service providers to ensure the latest IP systems and software are in easy reach for you, we also are able to offer the cctv Melbourne services. Whatever your budget we have the very latest in IP specifications for low, mid or high range IP systems
Utilise the very latest in communication tools. From online meetings to webinars, we can support your business with improving communication, reducing travel and expense, and your inbox!
The future for product movement and a multitude of other solution is now here. RFID provides the end to end solution we all dreamed of many years ago. At whatever stage of your operational need, whether “Buy It – Move It – Sell It” we are ready to move. Also now used as a great alternative to traditional security based EAS systems.
Want to see video footage alongside every transaction at your tills or mobile platform? Done! Whether locally, onsite or remotely via our Remote monitoring station we can manage all your front end risks with the latest tech.
It’s finally arrived in a form that works. You’ve seen ANPR, well wait until you see this!
Our team at PALS enjoy nothing better than getting online to help you understand anything. Our PALS TUBE: “Teaching Unique Business Expertise” provides video tutorials on any subject, from which button to press to any any “How to…”. Utilise your BYOD policy to let your team learn in the best way for them, when they want!

PALS Providing a Logical Solution:

  • Using the very latest in technology

  • Creating innovative solutions to help protect your business

  • Maximising existing technology for any Marketing departments dream

  • Efficiencies and ROI Guaranteed!