PALS-Services can provide excellent understanding of the multi channel fraud industry with a strategic approach to reducing risks and experts utilising big data with BI tools to manage those risks. With this understanding alongside a unique approach to strategy, innovation and technology, PALS can offer support to business’s to reduce multi channel fraud risks, utilising a Total E-Loss approach to strategy and maximising business intelligence tools to minimise fraud risks and maximise profit.

As technology develops, so do opportunities for crime. People use the internet for almost every aspect of day-to-day life, from online banking to interacting with Government departments. The technology which makes daily lives easier and transactions faster
also exposes businesses and individuals to vulnerabilities, both. The operating model for the majority of businesses relies on technology, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

PALS E-Crime Risk and Fraud Solutions:

  • Expert knowledge of the industry and solutions available

  • Offering advisory services to help your business grow

  • Use our time and knowledge to help your business

  • Always upto date on the latest trends

Review, support and advise on any fraud risks and strategies helping clients reduce the risk of fraud and advise on suitable control measures.
Review, support and advise on payment technologies, implementation projects and associated risks. Technologies include PayPal, Google wallet, mobile payments, PIN entry devices (PED), NFC, Apple pay
CNP- Fraud Protect and investigate multi channel fraud through website, telephone and mobile while maintaining a positive customer experience

1st party fraud GLIT/Claims- Protect and investigate fraudulent claims of Goods lost in transit (GLIT)

3rd party fraud GLIT- Protect and investigate fraudulent claims that may be as a result of 3rd party partners

Click and collect- Protect and investigate reported fraud through click and collect and store order point.

Internal- Protect, monitor and investigate potential internal fraud cases.

Account takeover- Protect, monitor and investigation account takeovers.

Alternative payments- Protect and investigate multi channel fraud through alternate payments inc PayPal, Apple Pay.

Distribution-  Protect and investigate multi channel fraud/loss from distribution.

Brand – Protect, monitor and investigate brand through online commerce

The entire data is scoured and analyzed in this engagement. This helps the company is customer profiling and facilitates the company with better means to prevent frauds. We also offer solutions for fraud mapping, online fraud trends and fraud investigations through exceptions.
Our client’s present position in the market regarding the competitive services and solutions are assessed. Recommendations are made into what solutions are available in the market place, introduce contacts with solution providers and support/facilitate any implementation requirements.
This engagement would help companies design solutions and strategies to prevent fraud. During this engagement, PALS helps the client in defining the rules and regulations, designing the workflow model, policies etc. so that they are able to come up with a fraud-free system and prevent frauds
We at PALS can closely work with the workforce and assess various aspects to analyze the areas of weakness, risks and challenges that a company’s technical, workflow or operational structures are facing in different lines of business.In the report we provide, there would be tips and recommendations on how to enhance the existing work structure and how to overcome the drawbacks and problems that might arise and in turn, work on their profit levels so that all their organizational goals can be met easily. Also, our experts advise about which software and techniques are to be used so that the risk involved can be minimized to a great extent.
Apart from the frauds that happen while accepting payments, an organization is also prone to internal frauds that are performed by insiders and can be highly problematic. All the internal frauds can be investigated by PALS while maintaining highest standards of privacy and care throughout. The investigations we deal in can be simple internal frauds to matters that are highly complex and our experts would finish the investigation with much ease by providing credible and sufficient evidence to prove the errors committed
Project management is essential to make use of new tools that would help to overcome fraud and we at PALS are comfortable working with all the stakeholders to complete the tools well within the budget. This would ensure that the project would be completed without any hassles and would be done well within all the constraints, thereby ensuring success
Our expertise would help your company tackle a wide range of fraud related risks involved by making use of the tools, components and services we offer. The requirements can be ascertained and worked upon by closely working with the stakeholders involved so that the entire project life cycle proceeds with much ease and all the requirements can be met feasibly. Some of the needs that are addressed by us during the entire life cycle are:
Specification of Business RequirementsSpecification of Technical RequirementsSelection of vendorsIntegration of systemsImplementation & delivery support
This assessment is conducted and would assess the existing fraud detection and prevention solutions that are in place and also, feedback and recommendations would be provided based on the existing model so that it may be improved further, enabling the company to achieve better results