Front End Stock and Cash Loss is a major issue in business. Our subject matter experts provide all the knowledge and expertise to advise on all risks at the checkout, both EPOS and MPOS.

The Typology of Cash Losses identify that there is an element of human error causing LoL losses, whether knowledge, process or procedural based.

The vast majority is related to internal theft and fraud at the Point of Sale (POS). We have the solution to Deter, Detect and Disrupt such behaviour.

Your Profit is Our Priority!

Every day, millions of pounds disappear from POS (Point of Sales) terminals in retail stores. This can be through cash theft from terminals by employees, fraudulent refunds by customers and employees alike and a lack of understanding or non compliance of company processes.

A large part of retail shrinkage is caused by employees.  Epos exception reporting can identify such behaviours as theft, non compliance and abuse of company systems. Analysis of Epos Exception reports can quickly identify online gaming abnormal levels of activity in a variety of transaction types. Some of these transaction types include Refund, Voids, Price Overrides and other non tender transactions.

At PALS in addition to cash loss we can also assist with Lottery and ATM services.

PALS Epos & Mpos Solutions:

  • Expert knowledge of the industry and solutions available

  • Offering advisory services to help your business grow

  • Use our time and knowledge to help your business

  • Always upto date on the latest trends

At PALS we offer a data mining service, processing all of your business’ EPOS data. This process can identify both malicious and non malicious behaviours of individuals. In addition to analysing the league of legends data we can offer solutions to eradicate any further losses and maximising profits.


PALS pride ourselves on using only 21st Century technology and subject matter experts to analyse EPoS data to detect potential fraudulant transactions.
By outsourcing all of your data, our subject matter experts can analyse your data to provide the results for fraud detection and identify other financial loss areas.
PALS can provide a comprehensive report identifying a full typology of loss across all financial areas of your business. You will have full visibility of cash loss and or admin processes impacting on your bottom line profit.
PALS can offer remote live CCTV monitoring of your business. We offer a comprehensive end to end service utilising our data intelligence systems to look at transaction events as they are happening.
PALS can offer remote retrospective CCTV review. Using your EPOS data we will be able to identify any potential fraudulent transactions in addition to non compliance of systems resulting in a financial loss.
In addition to the live remote monitoring for all transaction types PALS can also offer additional CCTV support for your business. Providing customer satisfaction, compliance in DPA/CCTV monitoring.
At PALS we use the latest in data mining technology.

PALS Profit and Loss Support:

  • A one stop shop for all things Loss Prevention

  • Offering advisory services to help protect your business

  • Use our time and knowledge to help your business

  • Always upto date on the latest trends

  • See the expansive list of additional expertise areas below

See our Epos and Mpos page for all your solutions for front end risks, including Cashier fraud, Refund, Void, Payments and Cash Typology of Loss plus more.
At PALS work alongside your workforce utilising your existing systems identify weakness, non compliance and potential risks through an auditing process. Provide solutions, recommendations and training if required.
The entire data is scoured and analyzed in this engagement. This helps the company/customer profiling and facilitates the company with better means to prevent frauds. We also offer osolutions for fraud mapping, and fraud investigations through exceptions.

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